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Do you believe that judges should be fair, impartial and committed to justice for all?

I do.

As a judge, I will provide fair and impartial decisions on all matters before me. I will respect the diversity of our community and treat everyone fairly regardless of ethnic or national origin, color, race, religion, sex or any other characteristic. I will make my decisions based on the law and facts, and I will make sure that everyone has their day in court.

For over 22 years, I have devoted my career to public service as a Deputy District Attorney for the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office. The primary role of the District Attorney’s Office is to ensure public safety as the chief law enforcement officer for the county. I have tried many large and complex cases including murders and sexual assaults committed by very dangerous people, as well as some relatively minor cases committed by persons who just did not consider the consequences of their actions, or simply could not control themselves due to alcohol, drugs or mental illness.

A judge’s job is to provide a place for the resolution of disputes where all parties will be treated fairly and impartially so that they and the public at large will have confidence in the outcome. It is so important for a judge to maintain an even temper and not create even the appearance that the judge is treating similarly situated parties differently or engaging in inconsistent or purposeless behaviors that only serve to detract from the court’s mission of giving everyone a fair shake. When a judge fails to live up to these high standards, justice suffers, confidence is lost and the court’s usefulness is diminished.

I am humbled to be the top vote-getter in the June 2014 primary election with 46% of the vote. I am honored to have the strong support of 29 Superior Court Judges, current and retired, as well as law enforcement, elected officials and a diversity of respected community organizations and newspapers.

I hope that you too will conclude that I am the best qualified candidate for Judge of the Superior Court of Santa Clara County, Office 24.

With your vote for me in November, you can help assure that our court is a place where justice is done for all who come before it.

Very truly yours,
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